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Card Recognition & Digital Receipts

Sep 25, 2023

Calling Retail Solution Providers 📢
Recognize payment cards and customers through a simple API.

Tap into our revenue sharing model in less than 40 hours.
Provided without additional cost for merchants.

The benefits:

🌳 Digital Receipts as a service in banking and ERP apps.
🔒 Streamline compliance and consent management.
🤝 Simplify loyalty enrollment.
💰 Unlock revenue-sharing on each transaction.
🔌Plug&Play token-free solution

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Digital Receipts & Cashier Systems
Digital Receipts & Cashier Systems

Card Recognition

Our straightforward API empowers you to effortlessly identify payment cards and gather user data-processing preferences with every distinct transaction. The distinctive user-reference acts as an anonymous, unchanging key for the payment card. It is complemented by user-provided instructions related to digital receipts, loyalty programs, and other services that we, in partnership with you, determine as valuable for the end-customer.

System Agnostic & Card Recognition
System Agnostic & Card Recognition

System Agnostic

Our solution allows you to identify any registered payment card, regardless of the existing payment gateway or method. In other words, we empower you to recognize payment cards across a variety of integrated payment services, including terminals, e-commerce gateways, and digital wallets.

Card Recognition & User Consent
Card Recognition & User Consent

User Controlled

Our infrastructure is seamlessly integrated into banking and accounting systems, allowing customers to establish a digital twin to their payment card. As a result, when the digital handsake between the payment card and your cashier system is initiated during a transaction, the user's preconfigured settings accompany each transaction.

Digital Receipts & Online Banking
Digital Receipts & Online Banking

New banking experience

The unique user-reference also serves as a verified return address for digital receipts, guaranteeing that all receipts are delivered to the customer's banking and/or accounting system. This enables users to effortlessly access, share, and manage their receipts.

Compliance & Digital Receipts
Compliance & Digital Receipts

Revenue sharing

We are a fully complaint infrastructure, adhering to the legal requirements across all legislations.
By obtaining a top-down customer consent, we also empower your cashier system to act as a data-controller on behalf of the customer, whenever a digital instruction is provided.

Our simple and low complex API's lets you integrate in no more than a couple of days, and better yet, you will earn revenue sharing on each transaction where digital receipts are provided or card recognition is utilized towards a loyalty program by merchants.